The Utility of the $MZR Token

The Mizar Solution

With Crypto trading being nonstop, 24 hours a Day, 7 Days a week, opening and closing positions on the market can make any trader’s life, from the novice retail investor to the seasoned trader, overly stressful with the need to have access to your trading platforms no matter what’s going on in their life. Crypto’s sudden movements, and oftentimes volatile markets, don’t wait for you while you go to sleep, get on a cross-country flight, when you’re spending quality time with friends & family, working, or taking the time to relax.

Additionally, the added stress from having to be in front of your screen at a moment’s notice often causes a negative build-up of emotions which can cloud a trader's judgment often leading to ill-advised trades and selling the bottom.

Mizar makes traders’ lives easier by automating their trading, and giving them back their time!

Using Mizar’s Bots, or subscribing to a Mizar Trader’s strategy, ensures you execute a desired trade, or strategy, without the need to be in front of your screen and also helps take emotions out of the equation, saving you time and energy.

For those paying attention over the last couple of weeks, the Mizar team has been hinting at our Whitelist Secret, we’re going to reward our most loyal community members. However, before we reveal what that secret is in the coming days, we’d like to break down the utility of the $MZR token, so you have a full understanding of the token utility!

$MZR Token Utilities

  • Reduction of Traded Volume & Performance Fees
  • Staking Rewards
  • $MZR as a form of Payment
  • Governance for the MZR LockBox
  • Governance for Galaxy Fund
  • Unlocking Mizar’s Advanced Features and dMizar
  • Gamified Leaderboards
  • Earning Referral Fees

Reduction of Traded Volume & Performance Fees

Unlike our competitors, Mizar does not charge subscription fees for the use of our platform. We instead charge fees based on traded volume for the use of our Trading Bots, and/or a performance fee for those wishing to subscribe to a Mizar Traders Strategy! You only pay for when you trade, so you save on fees when you take time away from trading. Depending on the amount of $MZR tokens a user has staked as part of their trading account, they can receive a reduction of up to 95% of Traded Volume Fees and up to 50% off of performance fees for CopyTrading(Performance fees for copy trading are set by each qualified trader and are only charged if the trade is profitable).

Staking Rewards

To ensure the fairest distribution over time of $MZR tokens to investors, token holders will be able to provide liquidity and stake their LP tokens, as well as Single Asset Staking, to earn an attractive Yield and increase the size of their $MZR bags!

$MZR as a form of Payment

Traders will be able to pay their fees based on Volume equivalent to the fees owed in BUSD with their $MZR token! All of the fees paid in the $MZR tokens will be locked away into the MZR LockBox!(Performance fees for CopyTrading must be paid in BUSD)


Mizar wants to give our community a say in the direction of Mizar! Initially, governance will be used for two major aspects of the Tokenomics of $MZR, the $MZR LockBox, and the Galaxy Fund, as well as voting on community-centric features & integrations.

- $MZR LockBox

The LockBox will act as a treasury built up of $MZR tokens obtained from platform payments as well as BuyUps coming from a percentage of Galaxy Fund profits. For a minimum period of 6 months, all $MZR tokens obtained will be locked away in an effort to counter inflation and reduce the circulating supply. After the first 6 months, Mizar will enable governance to either continue locking the token, distribute to stakers/users, create bonds or anything else the community insists upon!

- Galaxy Fund

The Galaxy fund is an innovative way to offer value to our token holders and platform traders! Acting like a hedge fund, the Galaxy Fund will be a community-managed fund built up from platform revenue and trading profits! For the first year, 10% of all revenue generated from trading using the Mizar platform will be added to the Galaxy Fund which will CopyTrade the Top performing Mizar Traders!

Profits generated from these trades will be funneled back into the Fund as well as used to BuyUp $MZR tokens and stash them away in the $MZR LockBox!

Initially, governance will be used in the selection of strategies to maintain the consistent growth of the fund. Eventually, Governance will be used to determine the distribution of profits of the fund and after 1 year, the continuation or redistribution of the entire fund itself! Lastly, user’s staking Mizar will have the opportunity to contribute their own funds to assist and partake in its growth.

Unlocking Mizar’s Advanced Features and dMizar

As we aim to provide some of the most advanced trading tools to Crypto Traders around the world, without the need for programming expertise, certain features, advanced signals, and unlimited bandwidth will become available only to $MZR token holders. We at Mizar, have not kept it secret that we plan on expanding the same types of trading tools and bots for centralized exchanges to decentralized exchanges(DEXs) with dMizar!

Mizar has partnered with the majority of Top DEXs across many different chains to help bring innovation into a decentralized future by providing you with tools to automate your trading with the same types of tools we’re building for CEX trading! With $MZR, you will be able to take advantage of our DEX tools and bots and propel your trading into the future!

Gamified Leaderboards

MZR Token Stakers will be able to participate in Gamified Leaderboards where they will be able to compete for various prizes as part of Trading competitions to highlight the best Traders in Crypto! There will be Daily, Weekly, and Monthly competitions, featuring prizes in $MZR, BUSD, NFTs, and other IRL prizes from our partners.

Earning Referral Fees

Last but not least, as part of Mizar’s Early Adopter Offer as part of Phase 1 of our Roadmap, we are paying you up to 45% of the fees generated from a user you refer to Mizar for the lifetime of that user!

That’s right, by referring to your friends, family, or community you will receive a significant portion of their traded volume and performance fee for the lifetime of that user depending on the amount of $MZR you have staked.

This introductory offer will only be available for Phase 1 of our platform as a show of gratitude to our early adopters.

The Road Forward (‘Wen Launch?’)

As we begin to release more details about the $MZR token and its distribution over the coming days and weeks, we want to ensure that we continue exploring opportunities to add even more utility to the token in the future and make it valuable from both a product and investment standpoint.

Stay Tuned to our Social Channels, especially in the coming days, in order to stay up-to-date on all things Mizar and to get ahead of the crowd with opportunities to become a part of $MZR even before the official launch!

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