$MZR Token Metrics and AVAX

Mizar’s Partners

Before dissecting the metrics, we’d once more like to point you once more toward our Investors article which highlights Key investors such as Nexo, Huobi Ventures, KuCoin Ventures, Gate Labs, MEXC, WOO Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, and Shima Capital among other quality investors.

$MZR Utility

We highly recommend you review that first before proceeding forward to have a clear understanding of what makes our $MZR not only useful within our platform but attractive to investors who look to it as a speculative investment!

Token Metrics:

Leaning on our Advisors, Investment Partners while taking community feedback into consideration, Mizar has constructed our token metrics to provide short & long-term value to holders and participants in the Mizar Ecosystem.

Treasury 8% (Vested)

$MZR token holders will have voting rights for proposals made based on potential partnerships or community suggestions. This can be used for creating new shared revenue streams, increasing $MZR Utility, or features/programs that will benefit $MZR, token holders.

Galaxy Fund(Starting in Phase 2)

10% of platform revenue will be deposited into the Galaxy Fund which will follow the Top-Copy Traders within Mizar. 50% of generated profits will be deposited back into the fund, while the remaining 50% will be used to BuyUp $MZR tokens to deposit into the $MZR LockBox(Also under governance control). Governance will be used to vote on the distribution of profits as well as the continuation of the Fund after its 1st year, along with other planned features.

$MZR LockBox

BuyUps from the Galaxy fund, along with volume fee payments made in $MZR, will be locked in the LockBox for a minimum of 6months, after which governance will be used towards determining the distribution of said tokens. This can be an airdrop, reverted to staking, implementing features such as bonds or anything else the community determines will bring the most value to $MZR token holders.


In the Spirit of transparency, here is the vesting schedule of the $MZR Token, along with a breakdown of each round.

  • Strategic Round — Seed: Mizar’s earliest supporters and the key individuals whose shared vision for Mizar will ensure its success.
  • Strategic Round — Private: Strategic investors in Mizar who provide value and help drive demand for the use of the Platform and $MZR Token, enabling Mizar to Succeed in its mission to provide automated trading for all.
  • Reserves: To be used as reserves only to aid with the Future development of Mizar.
  • Marketing: Used to promote Mizar including marketing campaigns and strategic partnerships. Any tokens that may be sold to strategic partners will be vested with the added agreements that uphold the long-term value of the MZR token.
  • Treasury(DAO Controlled): A Governance controlled supply of Mizar that $MZR holders will be able to vote for its strategic use within the ecosystem.
  • Staking: Rewards for providing Liquidity along with a Single Asset
  • Liquidity: To provide Liquidity for Initial & future DEX/CEX listings. Unused tokens will be locked, not in circulation.
  • Advisors: Tokens for advisors who have helped Mizar Strategically, throughout the course of Mizar’s Development.
  • Team: Tokens for Team members to ensure long-term engagement with Mizar

Distribution of tokens:

$MZR on the Avalanche Chain(AVAX)

The Mizar team did a deep dive into all the chains that have thrived since to determine what was the best move forward, and after much deliberation, we’ve decided to launch the $MZR token on the AVAX chain.

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