$MZR Token Metrics and AVAX

Introducing the long-awaited $MZR token metrics!

Before we break down the $MZR token metrics, we’d like to briefly highlight our Partners as well as the utility of our token.

Mizar’s Partners

Check them out here: https://bitcoinist.com/mizar-raises-3-million-seed-round-led-by-nexo-for-next-gen-smart-trading-tools/

$MZR Utility

Check out the utilities here: https://mizar-ai.medium.com/mizars-enduser-public-sale-whitelist-35ad55ba8d68

We’ve also moved into Mizar Open Beta, meaning that our token utility will have functions beyond Staking from day 1!
Read more about it here: https://mizar-ai.medium.com/mizar-open-beta-announcement-843dcb204bf6

Token Metrics:

Those detectives among us may have noticed one particular feature in our Token Metrics that hasn’t been made public before, the Treasury totaling 8% of the total supply. The Treasury is under the control of DAO-like Governance, where 8% of the $MZR supply will be under the power of token holders.

This means that in addition to the control over which features and integrations Mizar implements, governance participants will also have control over three distribution flows of the $MZR token:

Treasury 8% (Vested)

Galaxy Fund(Starting in Phase 2)

$MZR LockBox


  • Public Sale IDO: Community Supporters & end-users whose support and interest in using the Mizar Platform is key to its continued success.
  • Strategic Round — Seed: Mizar’s earliest supporters and the key individuals whose shared vision for Mizar will ensure its success.
  • Strategic Round — Private: Strategic investors in Mizar who provide value and help drive demand for the use of the Platform and $MZR Token, enabling Mizar to Succeed in its mission to provide automated trading for all.
  • Reserves: To be used as reserves only to aid with the Future development of Mizar.
  • Marketing: Used to promote Mizar including marketing campaigns and strategic partnerships. Any tokens that may be sold to strategic partners will be vested with the added agreements that uphold the long-term value of the MZR token.
  • Treasury(DAO Controlled): A Governance controlled supply of Mizar that $MZR holders will be able to vote for its strategic use within the ecosystem.
  • Staking: Rewards for providing Liquidity along with a Single Asset
  • Liquidity: To provide Liquidity for Initial & future DEX/CEX listings. Unused tokens will be locked, not in circulation.
  • Advisors: Tokens for advisors who have helped Mizar Strategically, throughout the course of Mizar’s Development.
  • Team: Tokens for Team members to ensure long-term engagement with Mizar

Distribution of tokens:

$MZR on the Avalanche Chain(AVAX)

To read up on why we feel AVAX is going to benefit $MZR token holders, check out our article here: https://mizar-ai.medium.com/chain-breakdown-avalanche-77543e051265

If you’d like to secure yourself some $MZR tokens before launch, we have an IDO coming up which we’ll announce next week, however, we also have two community competitions that give you a chance to secure yourself a spot on our IDO or win airdrops in $MZR.

Social Whitelist: https://mizar-ai.medium.com/mizar-community-social-whitelist-ff0fc1f3ff2d
End-User Whitelist: https://mizar-ai.medium.com/mizars-enduser-public-sale-whitelist-35ad55ba8d68

We’ll be releasing an article tomorrow reiterating the rules for the competition, as, on Monday, our IDO Whitelist leaderboards will go live!

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