MZR Monthly | June 2022 Edition

June marks the halfway point of the year and we got a lot done, but always more left to do. Get up-to-date with everything that happened in the Mizar ecossystem in the last month.

Mizar in Barcelona

The Mizar Team is attending its first in-person event in 2022 and you’ll be able to meet us from July 6th to July 8th at ETHBarcelona. During the event, you’ll be able to get a limited promotion for new sign-ups! Mizar is continuing to work hard on the platform and is aiming to become a speaker or have a panel in the near future at one of the next big events.

At what event would you like to see Mizar next? We hope to see our community, the Mizarnauts, there and don’t be afraid to say hi!


Mizar has finished integrations with KuCoin and MEXC Global with more to come in the near future. We’re continuously expanding our library of options for our users and don’t hesitate to give us your suggestions on who you want to see next!

KuCoin aka “The People’s Exchange”, named the Best Crypto Exchange for 2021 by Forbes features more than 600 unique digital assets. KuCoin Futures is now integrated with Mizar, so you can start trading through Mizar today.

MEXC Global is available globally in over 10 languages, with millions of users from over 200 countries, over $2 billion of average daily trading volume, and processes 1.4M transactions per second. MEXC Global is now integrated with Mizar, so you can start trading through Mizar today!

Whitelist Competition

Our whitelist competitions have ended for a while and we’re still busy with the related organization. We’re looking to move to one of the final stages and close out the collection of data. This way we’ll be ready to launch the token when the market conditions allow us to.

Weekly Mizar Updates

At Mizar we value our community highly and think it is important to update you when possible. However, we think the Weekly Mizar Updates are not the right format for this, because of this we have decided to discontinue this for now. We appreciate any feedback surrounding this topic as to how many updates you want to receive, where, and how.


We also regularly release articles covering diverse topics in the trading world. Is there something you want to see next? Don’t hesitate to leave a suggestion!

Meanwhile, check some of our latest articles here:

That was this month’s edition of MZR Monthly! See you next month again with some fresh updates & the latest news from the Mizar Ecospace.

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