MZR Monthly | February 2022 Recap

3 min readMar 11, 2022

The shortest month of the year has come to an end, but it was filled with huge news for Mizar! Let’s go over the latest developments of February.

$3 Million Raised led by Nexo

We have successfully closed our seed funding round led by Nexo. Raising a total of $3 million to build the next generation smart trading tools for everyone’s use. As we continue to grow our product we are committed to delivering the best service and trading experience. With the funds, we will be able to further build on the foundation that we have already laid out. We are very excited about the future and are already looking forward to the next milestones!

Mizar is once again very thankful for the participation from Nexo, Huobi Ventures, KuCoin Ventures, Gate Labs, MEXC, WOO Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, Shima Capital, Stakely VC, Evolve Capital, Kairon Labs, AU21 Capital, Tenzor Capital, NFT Tech, David Post, and Dean Thomas.

Check our Twitter for the full details and link to the article:

Launch of the “Secret” Whitelist

At the beginning of February, we started to tease information about our “secret” whitelist on our social channels. We have been doing a lot of AMAs to release small bits of information here and there during them. You can expect more specific information from us very soon. Stay tuned for that and don’t forget to follow us on our socials to get the latest updates!

Learn more about the teasers here:

Getting closer to the community with AMA’s

We have been ramping up our amount of AMA’s to give more people the opportunity to get to know the team. We at Mizar value transparency and a close relationship with our community.

Our AMAs have been the source for the latest updates regarding the platform, what we are working on, and even news bits that have not been released yet. We have been covering a plethora of topics with guest speakers such as Blockpartytrade, our Co-Founder Fransesco & Alex to name a few.

Listen to these AMA’s in your own free time! You can find all of them on Twitter.

February’s MZR Monthly is on the shorter side, but we have plenty of updates coming and lots of developments to share in the coming months. Especially, the month of March will be a important month to follow our social channels!

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