MZR Monthly | April 2022 Edition

Although the overall market hasn’t been doing too well, April was the month of progress and evolution for Mizar. We have a lot to cover so let’s dive right into it with April’s edition of MZR Monthly!

Open-Beta is LIVE!

It’s been a month already, but our platform has opened up for everyone. No longer do you need to register your interest and sit idle on our waiting list of over 30.000 eagerly waiting people.

The launch process was smooth overall, without any major bugs or problems. We’ve seen steady growth in our user base over the last month and expect this to grow even more exponentially in the future. For this reason, we also made some minor changes to our business model to further benefit our users.

Read more about it here

We’ve Rebranded

Not only did we open up the platform for everyone. We’ve also finished our long teased rebrand. Even though we have changed the looks a little bit, it’s only in the looks department to further align with our core values “to make trading more accessible & better optimized for beginners and experts”.

We invite you to check out our new website at!

Refer your friends today!

A feature that has been heavily anticipated, is our referral system. You’ll now be able to refer your friends to Mizar and earn some profits from their trades. We currently have a limited promotion running. Check out the details about it in the article here.


Another key piece of the Mizar Ecosystem is the token. We’ve recently released all the details regarding our Token Metrics. To get the full picture, read about it in our dedicated article here.

Weekly CEX Highlights

In March we started by highlighting all the different Centralized Exchanges that are integrated or integrating soon with Mizar in the near future. Our most recent articles were about Nexo, MEXC Global & WOO X. Check them out and leave your suggestions of who you want to see next in the comments!


We started the month with a fun slogan competition to see what our community’s creative minds could come up with and are currently running a trading competition as well. Expect more and all kinds of different competitions coming from us in the future as things are starting to ramp up.

Join the trading competition today! Learn more about it here.

The Goal of the Month “Explaining Mizar”

We are always trying to get close with our community in several different ways such as AMA’s and have also recently done our first community call on discord. One of the main themes we keep seeing is the need of improving user experiences. This is from both a design and platform point, which is always a work in progress for us. To further aid this we’ve started an article series regarding general crypto trading. Check them out below.

Copy Trading | Trading Tips with BPT | DCA Bots

That was this month’s edition of MZR Monthly! If you haven’t signed up for the Whitelist Competitions yet, it's not too late yet.

Learn more about them here.

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