Mizar’s Copy Trading | Part 2: Strategy Providers and Passive income

4 min readMay 17, 2022

In Part 2 of the Copy Trading Article, We explain how you can make a significant passive income based on performance! (Link for Part 1 here)

If you consider yourself one of the top traders in Crypto, and not only want to start earning based on your performance but compete against the best, Mizar is the Smart Trading Platform you’ve been dreaming about!

Strategy Provides can share successful strategies via the marketplace and get copied by other investors. In this way, Strategy Providers are rewarded for their performance, while other investors can benefit from copying them. As a Strategy Provider, you are free to propose your own performance fee, which is shown in the strategy general information.

You set your own fees
Because you can set the % of the fee you make from profitable trades you can earn significantly more revenue than our current competitors who only give flat rates based on the total number of subscribers. By allowing Strategy Providers to set their own performance fees Mizar gains an advantage not only to attract the best in crypto but also to create a free market economy within Mizar where traders who wish to list their strategies can attract the right individual based on that individual’s capital.

With retail investors firmly in mind, Mizar delivers an affordable trading alternative to costlier subscription-based platforms with their expensive tiered perks and bolt-ons. With pricing based on a trader’s own bespoke copy-trading strategies, users pay on their profits, while signal providers earn on realized profits from their communities.

That said, if you are a trader with 500 followers and you generate $200,000 profits per month, you can either go on subscription-centered platforms and offer your strategy for $30 to earn $15,000 per month, or you can set your fee at 7.5% on Mizar and earn the same.

What's the Mizar difference? Scalability. If the month after a copier performs $300,000, you’ll get paid $22,500, $7,500 more than the previous month! The more profit you generate for a trader, the more you make! That’s not possible with our competitors’ subscription-based fees.

Performance Dashboard
Strategy Providers’ entire performance history will be displayed in a convenient dashboard, where users selecting strategies will be able to compare your strategies to the other ones available. Allowing users to compare strategies will be a big part of Mizar’s Gamification where we will introduce rankings, Leaderboards, and Contests that will pit the best Strategy Providers in crypto against each other to ignite the competitive spirit. We will have a variety of competitions across many different exchanges and tokens, giving you ample opportunities at Glory.

Our Strategy Providers as well as the traders taking advantage of their strategies will participate in competitions that will highlight the skill and reward both the Strategy Providers and their traders. By not only rewarding you but your community as well, we ensure you gain additional exposure which in turn helps you earn more performance fees. Not only that, Your community gets to partake in your glory giving you kudos which encourages the network effect strengthening your bond with them.

So how does one become a signal provider on Mizar?

Not everyone can become a Strategy Provider on Mizar, therefore you must first apply and complete a selection process where we will qualify your trading acumen. Once selected, you will go through a trial period where your trades will be monitored to ensure the integrity & quality of performance. Then when your strategies become publicly available on Mizar, we will monitor your trades over a period of time to maintain integrity. After a short period on Mizar, your strategies will receive an MZR score, which is algorithmically determined by a series of performance indicators. This MZR score will be used to rank you on our leaderboards and aid in users’ search for the most suitable strategies.

Do you have what it takes?

Now that you understand the advantages of becoming a Strategy Provider on Mizar and the process, take the time to fill out the form at the following link if you think you have what it takes:


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