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Only a few projects can claim they have stood against the test of time and Huobi is one of them. Lasting for even just a few years is enough to gain the old school status, however, Huobi has its roots dating back to 2013 and fast approaching its first full decade, it’s an institution in the crypto world.

The fact that almost anyone who took crypto up in the years since has been washed away by the sands of time speaks volumes about anyone who is not only still standing but also thriving. Huobi is just such a rare example. Having weathered the tempestuous nature of crypto year on year only to gain strength, consolidate gains, and deliver an increasingly satisfying exchange experience means Huobi is firmly entrenched and worth your consideration.

Features & Services

Huge variety of trading pairs — With Huobi, you almost never have to see the same digital asset twice if you don’t want to. That’s because the exchange boasts an impressive array of trading pairs that you’re probably unfamiliar with as a westerner. Huobi’s selection puts a big emphasis on projects from Asia and, as such, is usually the first landing for many up-and-coming coins from Korea, Singapore, and China.

On-the-spot customer service — It’s crazy how fast Huobi responds to customer claims. Contacting Huobi regarding account issues often means you can expect a response within the hour. That quick response time puts it well above any other exchange.

Huobi User Protection Fund — Similar to Binance’s SAFU, Huobi funnels profits into its User Protection Fund as an insurance policy against hacks, thefts, and other unforeseen events that affect users’ wallets. As a customer, this is a huge plus because it means you can feel relatively assured that if something goes down well beyond your control, you’ll be safe and sound with Huobi presumably restoring you to rights.

Institutional trading accounts As one of the largest exchanges in the world year on year, Huobi has attracted the attention of institutional traders and accounts the world over. As such, Huobi has created a separate trading desk for the institution and firm-size users that involves both OTC and dark pool trading.

Derivatives Trading — After the ever-increasing demand to expand its portfolio, Huobi has also launched its own derivatives products for both Futures and Swap trading markets.

Margin Trading — Along with derivatives trading, Huobi has also become one of the leaders offering support for Margin and C2C lending.


Huobi is super competitive when it comes to trading fees and that’s mostly owing to its wise decision to transition to a native token-based economy similar to KuCoin, Binance, and Bibox. Huobi Token, or $HT for short, gives users the right to slash trading fees in half, engage in governance decisions regarding the platform, and participate in IEOs.

Fee reduction on the platform using $HT is easy. Just hold $HT in your wallet and, in your user configuration panel, select the option to use $HT for trading fees. Now, you’ll enjoy a big discount against the standard fee which amounts to:

  • Maker fee, 0.2%
  • Taker fee, 0.2%

Using $HT, each of these fees is slashed in half. Additionally, there are VIP memberships you can book that reduce those same fees up to 65%.


Overall, Huobi offers an elevated exchange experience that lives up to its high-flying reputation as one of crypto’s best exchanges. It’s not easy to impress when it comes to exchanges but Huobi does exactly that with its instant customer service, fast and smooth user interface, and highly secure exchange with a litany of options for protecting your account.

With Huobi integration on the horizon, Mizar and Huobi have partnered together so that you can utilize Mizar’s tools and strategies on Huobi’s Exchange! With Mizar, you will be able to connect your API keys from Huobi to our platform so that you can start automating your Huobi trading and take part in copy trading strategies without ever giving up the custody of your tokens. Since Mizar is non-custodial, the bots or strategies you use on our platform can only trade on your behalf, never having the ability to transfer your funds out of your wallet. This way you will be able to enjoy the benefits of both platforms in a simple and seamless way, with you feeling secure that your funds are safe within the possession of your accounts!

Join Mizar’s Community Whitelist campaign so that you can get a head start on enjoying no the features of our platform and secure yourself $MZR before it launches! Find out more here:


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