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Open Beta: Celebrating a Major Milestone by introducing Mizar’s new business model

Over the last 6 months, dedicated Mizarnauts have been testing Mizar’s platform, utilizing our bots & Copy Trading strategies, while helping out by reporting back with bugs as well as feedback.

During our Closed-Beta, we’ve received more than 40,000 registrants on our waitlist, eager to start trading using Mizar! We limited access to 2,000 active users, who traded more than $500,000 in volume per day. Throughout this time, Mizar’s focus has been to increase the reliability, efficiency, and most importantly the security of our trading tools.

Mizar is now looking to scale our platform to allow all newcomers to utilize our platform by transitioning into the Open-Beta Phase, before launching V1 of our platform later this quarter. As of today, anyone can register for Mizar without the need to queue themselves on the waiting list! Along with this transition into Open-Beta, we are rolling out our new business model which is less expensive and more inclusive for traders.

But first, what are the benefits of using Mizar?
Using Mizar, traders will be able to trade with bots on centralized exchanges, customizing them to fit their desired needs with a simple-to-use interface, without the need for programming expertise. Additionally, Mizar’s Copy Trading allows you to profit from copying successful traders or earning a performance fee by allowing other traders to copy your trades.

Both bots and copy trading allow users the freedom to step away from their screens and get back their time through automated trading. In later phases Mizar will introduce dMizar, where traders will be able to create bots and copy trade on Decentralized Exchanges, something that is clearly lacking in decentralized trading today.

Mizar’s goal is to be the ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for crypto where you’ll be able to access all of your cryptocurrency needs from one platform, one browser tab.

Mizar’s Business Model
Mizar’s subscription-free platform will free up your capital when you’re not trading, allowing you to only pay based on traded volume and profitable trading when it comes to Copy Trading.
Up to this point, with closed Beta, we’ve gathered the necessary metrics and have listened to feedback, and are upgrading our business model to make using Mizar more inclusive & less expensive for traders. To do so, we’ve:

  • Added more Star Tiers to be more inclusive at each stage

With Mizar’s $MZR token, you can reduce trading fees up to 95%, but that’s not the only reason to acquire our token, as there are benefits that extend beyond discounts. With $MZR you can earn a competitive yield through staking; using it for voting as part of Governance for the Galaxy Fund, $MZR Lockbox, and Treasury; access to advanced features & Mizar; Exclusive access to the $MZR-Club; participating in trading competitions and much more!

How to register and receive a free $5 credit!
As previously mentioned, up to this point registrants had to join a waitlist to start using Mizar, but with Open-Beta, anyone can start using our Bots and Copy Trading Strategies. To celebrate this momentous event, we are giving new signups a credit of $5 BUSD to use towards their Volume Fees(Which cannot be withdrawn).

Register here: https://mizar.ai/sign-up

For those interested in reducing those performance fees even further, you can secure yourself $MZR tokens as part of our community Whitelist programs BEFORE we even list:

  • Social Whitelist: Help expand Mizar’s social reach by supporting our platform through our campaign that rewards active users by activity on our social media, Telegram, and Discord!
    More info Here

What’s Next?

As Mizar will continue to focus on the three foundational pillars of our platform, Efficiency, Reliability, and Security, we will work on integrating more exchanges & features leading up to the imminent launch of our token and V1 of our platform as part of Phase One. In Phases Two & Three, Mizar will implement advanced features while focusing on bringing the same trading tools & strategies you can use on Centralized Exchanges over to Decentralized Trading with dMizar.

As Mizar’s activity on social media will be increasing leading up to the launch of our V1, our Public IDO, and the listing of $MZR token, we’d like to kick things off with a fun Slogan Competition where you can secure $MZR tokens BEFORE launch!


  • Contestants must come up with a creative slogan or catchphrase for Mizar and tweet it using the tags @Mizar_ai, #MizarTradingTools, #SloganContest.

For reference, our current slogan is:
“Automate your trading and get back your time!”

1st place: Spot on our Public IDO

2nd Place: $50 MZR Airdrop

3rd Place: $25 MZR Airdrop

The Slogan/Catchphrase Competition will last throughout the week where we will highlight our favorites and then announce the winners at the end of the week.

Join Mizar Today!

Help us build the crypto trading platform you want to use.

Mizar is a next-gen trading platform where traders can search for strategies to securely allocate capital or get access to a wide range of trading tools to put their assets in motion. Mizar makes trading simpler and more accessible to everyone, subscription-free.

Be an active part of the MIZAR crypto trading community.
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