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Mizarnauts, the journey to Public Sale is in sight. Prepare to travel to vastly different universes to acquire allocations. Only the most dedicated community members will be able to board the spaceships and get the reward of a whitelist spot for our public sale!

Mizar will be applying gamification elements to our Public Sale whitelist to give everyone a chance to participate!

Our gamified whitelist for a ticket to the public sale will be a lottery-based competition, the more points earned, the higher your chances. However, it is still a lottery with everyone who participates having a chance to win. We’ve introduced anti-bot measurements in place throughout the whole process and reserve the right to disqualify double entries.

How does the Social Whitelist work?

The process is simple, there will be various tasks worth different points! Furthermore, we will be tracking activity on our social channels, where you will also receive points based on engagement.

Those that are most engaged in our Discord(and Telegram) will continuously gain an advantage in the points system!

Here’s a guide to getting access to the various tasks:

The link for the competition will bring you to the following landing page.

Here are a few examples of the various tasks. Joining and following our different social channels are a one-time task. However, tasks such as “Share Your Excitement About Mizar On Twitter” will be refreshed weekly.

Example of the various tasks for the competition.

There will be 3 categories of winners: Gold, Silver, and Bronze!

🥉Bronze: 100 winners will receive a $25 airdrop of $MZR

🥈Silver: 100 winners will receive a $50 airdrop of $MZR

🥇Gold: 100 winners will receive the ultimate prize, a $200 allocation in the $MZR Public Sale!

(Any verified or suspected Bot use will be automatically disqualified from the competition)

The Next Steps & Opportunities

This Social Whitelist campaign will run up until our public IDO, however it won’t be the only way to qualify for an allocation and airdrop of $MZR tokens!

Our goal is for you to join Mizar’s journey, therefore we will also be rewarding users of the platform! Later in the week we will release the details for our EndUser competition where Beta Testers using Mizar in real time can win an additional allocation in our Public Sale! You have an opportunity to win multiple allocations through the Social Whitelist, EndUser Whitelist and BetaBug Airdrop!

If you want to learn more about the utility of the $MZR Token, we have recently released an article about this with all the details and an infographic to help you understand why you want $MZR. Click here!

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